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the pragmatist

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Secrets, news, gossip, pieces of wisdom…
Women know so many things.

The best part is that the ladies living on Harmony Street love to share what they know. They will always amuse us with their intrigues and entertain us with their female dramas. They are different from one another but living together on the same street has made them good neighbors and true friends. Eva, Anna & Christina are the first to learn the big news and are always ready to share their opinion. For one reason or another, laundry is an important part of their life – it must always be clean, fresh, gorgeously smelling and proudly hanging in their backyards. What’s their little secret? It must be Savex.

Why not meet them in person? Visit them on Harmony Street, a beautiful neighborhood which unlike its name suggests is often the arena of little dramas, captivating stories and amazing fragrances.

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the pragmatist

the perfectionist

the fashionista

About the Brand

All smart modern women know, that when it comes to laundry, three things are important: it has to be clean, it has to smell great and it shouldn’t cost you a bundle.

That’s why a lot of those women have placed the well being of their entire family’s clothes in the hands of a detergent expert like Savex.

Savex works perfectly. No matter what you laundry is – white or color, tender or tough, with stubborn spots or just daily dirt covered, Savex has a variant that will manage the job exceeding your expectations, because it is a high-quality fabric care brand.

The new formula of Savex Parfum Lock provides excellent washing and a boost of long-lasting freshness thanks to the innovative perfume capsules technology.

Savex sells well. Not all good things in life have to be expensive. Savex is reasonably priced giving a chance to millions of women to enjoy a good laundry result without taking it out on their wallets.

Savex smells amazing. Exquisite fragrances, unique blends and the feeling that you have just sprayed an expensive perfume around – this is the signature of Savex that has made it a preferred choice for many, many women.

So, if it has to be quality, if it has to be affordable, and it has to smell great, it has to be Savex.

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Savex Soft Blue Burst

1l bottle

Dive deep in the blue ocean of fragrance and immerse yourself in the soft and delicate touch of you clothes when you use Savex Soft Blue Burst.


I’m the expert in economy washing

I’m the expert in impeccable laundry

I’m the expert in fragrances


the pragmatist

Managing a household with three kids and one husband is a big joy, but also a big challenge. Not for Anna, though. She is smart, organized and always well-informed. Vanity is not an issue for her and never gets in the way of her practical and smart choices. Anna is the expert in smart buying. When shopping, she goes for killing two birds with one stone – buying something of good quality at a good price. If someone on Harmony Street needs advice on shopping, Anna is the person to go to.

And it is no surprise that she would recommend Savex – not only does it wash and smell amazing but it always comes at a reasonable price. For someone whose washing machine is working round the clock, that’s important.

With three kids and a husband it looks like laundry is Anna’s full time job. So she needs a trusted ally like Savex to fit into her budget.

Tons of clean and fresh laundry doesn’t mean tons of money.

Three happy kids! Happy to have a super-hero mom like Anna, who knows how to deal with all sorts of stubborn stains.


the perfectionist

We all have a woman like her in our lives. She is good… oops, sorry – perfect – in everything. And she insists that everyone knows it. Her home is in absolute order, her dishes are always state of the art. The roses in her garden bloom by the clock. Her son and husband never have a spot or a wrinkle on their clothes. The confectionery shop she owns is an exact reflection of her – supreme deserts, exquisite furnishing and perfect cleanliness.

But even something as tiny as a stain on her new shirt can upset Christina’s perfectly balanced world, and then we’re in for a drama. Thank God there’s Savex when something like this happens. Christina knows that when it comes to washing performance, Savex will always get the job done.

Husband and son – models of good behavior. Not a wrinkle on their clothes, of course.

Proud owner of the most exquisite sweet shop in town.

Only Savex meets her high requirements.

Always spotless, brilliant and perfectly folded laundry.


the fashionista

Always riding the latest trend in fashion and style, always charming and extravagant. That’s Eva. She believes a woman should use every occasion to parade with her beauty. What’s better than putting on some shiny lip-gloss when going out to hang the laundry in the backyard? Eva is the kind of friend every woman dreams of – one that would always tell you which skirt to pick or what the color of the week is. As an editor of a fashion magazine, Eva is the first to know the latest style or the most up-to-date fragrance trends. And, of course, she generously shares it with her best friends on Harmony Street.

Quite often, she would recommend Savex’ new fragrance, because when it comes to laundry, no other detergent offers such amazing perfume scents.

Looks like brand new but it isn’t. What’s the secret? It must be Savex.

Eva has a professional nose for high class fragrances.

Eva is the editor of a fashion magazine, so she always knows the latest trends.

You can imagine that with a family of 3 children, oops – 4, to include my husband, I run a pretty tough budget and I love it when I can still enjoy great quality, which is the case with my laundry.
I can’t help but share some life hacks, as it is modern to say, which save you money without compromising on quality.

On Harmony Street I am famous for my flawless reputation and my astonishing perfectionism. So whenever someone needs a piece of advice about something being done right, they all come to me. I love sharing my wisdom and know-how and now let me give you a few words of advice regarding your laundry.

There are certain people you can always trust when it comes to fashion, trends and novelties. Well, I am that person on Harmony Street. Being the editor-in-chief for a big fashion magazine, I have access to a world of glamour. But if there’s one thing in which I’m especially good, that’s fragrances! How about a quick tour to see their secrets and magic?


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